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Mathematica Contest

Date: April 12, 2017    Contest Location: Triway Education

Enter: Open to public (Grade 3 and Grade 7) (Registration Fee applied)

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The Mathematics Contest is one of top mathematics competitions in North America.

Students scoring over the national average will receive certificates of distinction. Students who rank in the first, second, and third places in Canada and Province will receive a medal that will have the student's name inscribed on the back. Student in the Pythagoras, Euler and Lagrange contests who gets a perfect score will receive a US$250 merit scholarship to attend the international MathPath camp.

Thales Contest

(grade 3)

The Thales Contest (grade 3; 45 minutes; 30 questions)

2016 Thales Test SampleDownload_Document

To get more sample tests, please visit Mathematica Centrum.

Euler Contest

(grade 7)

The Euler Contest (grade 7; 75 minutes; 40 questions)

2016 Euler Test Sample Download_Document

To get more sample tests, please visit Mathematica Centrum.

Triway Game Design Contest

Date: April 23, 2017    Contest Location: Triway Education

Enter: Triway Education Students (free to enter, all grades welcome, no software limited)

Coming Soon...

Other Contest

Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest

Date: March 26, 2017    Registration: January 5, 2017


Contest content is covered in the Province Math Curriculum. Problems require creativity, logical thinking or a different perspective. Here in lies the challenge.

Details: https://kangaroo.math.ca

CEMC Waterloo Math Contests

Date: Feb 28, 2017 - April 6, 2017


Details: http://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca

Euclid (G11/12) Contest Date: 06-Apr- 2017
Gauss (G7-8) Contest Date: 10-May-2017
Pascal (G9) Contest Date: 28-Feb-2017
Cayley (G10) Contest Date: 28-Feb-2017
Fermat (G11) Contest Date: 28-Feb-2017

The Math League of America

Details: http://www.themathleague.com

G4 & 5 Contest Date: 15-04-2017
G6, 7, 8 Contest Date: 21-02-2017
Algebra Course 1 Contest Date: 15-04-2017
High School 5 Contest Date: 07-02-2017
High School 6 Contest Date: 14-03-2017

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