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Our Vision And Values


At Triway, we are driven to make our young children be happy, confident and well rounded citizens. The following values guide our thoughts and actions each day:

  • We provide learning opportunities that deliver the highest standards of achievement
  • We provide students with a nurturing, challenging and fun curriculum
  • We hone their skills in math, robotics and computers for a digitally transformed world
  • We place great emphasis on developing soft skills, personal development and well-being

This is how we give children an early start.

  • We are life changers
  • We are pioneers, architects of the future
  • Driven to unleash the power of human potential.
  • Passionate about children.
  • Uncompromising in our pursuit of better opportunities.
  • We believe in a better chance for every child.
  • We are inspired and encouraged by the power of the young.
  • We are confident in their ability to learn and grow.
  • We challenge the status quo.
  • We explore the ‘what if’ and the ‘why not’
  • We are determined to raise awareness and expectations.
  • We believe in open minds and open hearts.
  • We are grounded in research.
  • And because we start early, we set the course for change. And change is progress.
  • We create confidence, curiosity and lifelong learners. 
  • And thus Triway is beyond just mastering Math, Robotics or Computers.
  • We partner with parents to invest in the future of every child.
  • We inspire a future where everything is possible.
  • Where the dream are real. The potential is endless. And the investment is priceless.


We are

Triway Education

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