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Triway After School Computer Club is a project based learning program for children 7 - 16 years old. The club have a wide variety computer related projects for children. The purpose is to let children creating using computer instead of just consuming computer.

Fun, Practical, and Inspiring! Create with friends and explore together!


Kids Club Winter Project Schedule

Kids Club Spring Project Schedule

Club Student Work Showcase

Class structure

In Club, students are given a project and final result in the beginning, and learn basic concept with related tools/softwares, using their communication and planning skills, working with peers and interacting to solve a problem. Later all children back together to walk through projects and present their solutions.



The club, different from traditional teaching classroom, benefits children in a number of ways:

  • It allows students to take more ownership over their own learning, which will grow them as lifelong learners.
  • It allows students to fail before they succeed, which teaches students that it’s okay to fail.
  • It emphasizes that abilities and skills are developed through effort and practice.
  • It develops problem solving skills that are relevant to the 21st century.
  • It encourages students to be creative.
  • It encourages students to collaborate with their peers.
  • It provides many chances to students to practice their presentations.


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